You have quoted me more than another band, why should I book you?

If you book us you are guaranteed to get a band that turn up with quality professional musicians, liability insurance and state of the art sound and lighting equipment. A lot of cheaper bands can be part-timers with ‘bedroom’ musicians, no insurance or contracts and if someone falls ill they may not have replacement members. If you book us you get a great show and peace of mind.

Can I see the band perform before I decide to book?

No not normally. Most of our performances are at private weddings, parties, corporate, and military events.We occasionally have public gigs, so please do ask if we have any coming up. You can however see us in action on the music page of the site.

I want to book, what do I need to do?

Call or e-mail us for a quote. Once a price is agreed I will post you two copies of a contract. You will need to sign and date both copies, keep one and return the second to me, along with your deposit cheque which is normally for 25% of the full fee. The contract is beneficial for both of us, so you know you have a guaranteed booking and that we know you definitely want us to play at your event and therefore will take no other enquires for that date.

Does the price include your travel expenses?

The price we quote includes everything, from petrol, to accommodation if needed.

Why does the band charge extra for turning up early or playing after midnight?

Musicians are used to working long days, however if you need us to set up our equipment early before your guests arrive, or want us to play very late there is a small charge for our extra time.

What payment methods can I use for my deposit?

You can pay the deposit either by a bank transfer, or by personal cheque.

What payment methods can I use to pay the final balance?

You can pay the balance in advance by bank transfer of personal cheque. Or on the night by personal cheque or cash.

If I pay on the day of the event when should I pay you?

It’s often easier for both parties if payment is made before the band plays or after the first set. The last thing you will want to worry about at the end of your event is paying everyone.

Will the band turn up on time?

Yes, the band always leave plenty of travel time to get to your event. We are one of the busiest wedding bands in the UK, but regardless of how busy we are or have been prior to your event whether it is a wedding, party, corporate, ball, or military event we will always be punctual.We know it will be stressful enough for you without having to worry about that.

Will the band be professional on stage?

Yes, always. As we are all professional and experienced musicians and this is our livelihood, we are always on our best behaviour! We will all be driving ourselves to your event as well, so we stick to soft drinks.

Can I use your microphone for speeches?

Yes, that’s not a problem as long as we know about it in advance so we can set one up for you.

How long does the band play for?

Our standard performance time is 3 x 45 minute sets. This is what all standard quotes are based on. If you would like something different, just ask and we will give you a quote.

Will you provide music whilst the band is not playing?

Yes, music will be provided from an iPod in between the live sets. It’s a very crowd pleasing playlist, with lots of well know pop and rock classics to keep the dance floor busy. If you are looking for music to be played during your meal or buffet we have a few more laid back playlists which will do the trick. Please feel free to ask for a track listing. If you would like to compile your own playlists on your own iPod, that is not a problem, bring it along and we can plug it in to our PA system.

Do you offer a DJ service?

Yes, at a slight additional cost, please ask for a quote. Our DJ service can offer additional benefits; we can take requests, interact with the audience and have a much wider playlist with no gaps in between the songs.

Why does the band need a changing room?

The band will be on site for many hours. A changing room is necessary for a number of reasons; they need somewhere to change into their stage clothes, have a place where they can prepare for the performance, keep their personal belongings and keep out of the way of your guests! There needs to be somewhere to sit down, with lighting and a mirror is appreciated too.

Do I need to feed the band?

Yes. On a typical performance day most musicians leave home in the early afternoon and do not return home until the early hours of the following morning. Therefore, wherever possible soft drinks and a hot meal is appreciated.

Will the band play the first dance at our wedding?

Yes. We do however require one month’s notice of what the song will be so all of the musicians can learn it. Sometimes with certain songs, the recorded versions have full orchestral backings which are quite hard to reproduce with a 5 piece band, so therefore may be a better idea to play the original version from cd or iPod. But this is something we can discuss with you.

Do you play requests?

Yes. If there is one or two songs you particularly want played, as long as you give us at least one months notice so all the musicians can learn the material.

Can I choose the set list?

Part of our job as professional performing musicians is to know which songs work. You are welcome to choose songs from our repertoire list which you would like included and we will try to play as many of those requests as possible, but we need to know this at least one month in advance so the set list can be planned.

Does the band need a stage?

No. As long as there is an area we can fit comfortably in to. Usually the minimum space a 5 piece band needs is 4 metres wide by 3 metres deep.

Will the band supply their own sound equipment and lights?

Yes, all quotes are fully inclusive of a sound system and lighting. Our lights will not only light up the band but your dance floor as well. All the equipment is PAT tested and safe. A certificate can be shown if required.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, we have worldwide Public Liability Insurance for £10million. Please contact us if you need any further details.

What if the band does not turn up to my function?

We can assure you this will not happen, it never has yet. All of the Musicians that make up the band are professional and we have been performing together for the last 10 years. We have a reputation to uphold.

What if a band member is ill and can not make it?

All musicians are self employed. It is very rare that any of them would willingly pull out of a gig, but if they are extremely unwell, as you will see from our musician’s page, we have a pool of talented musicians and singers that work regularly with us and are all familiar with the bands repertoire.

If I want a separate DJ and/or another band will they be able to use your sound equipment?

It may be possible, but they will have to contact us in advance so we can discuss it and we will charge them a small fee.

My venue has a sound limiter, is this ok?

Yes, a lot of venues have these now and we are able to control our sound levels.